Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simply Saturday - Pictures to Enjoy

Despite all my good intensions of posting "Simply Saturday" my day and evening passed without even a moment to sit and reflect.  Favorite Color or colors?  Mine seems to change every time I am surrounded by a different color - although I must say - Pink has always been one of "my colors".  Girlie, Cutesy, Color for the fight against breast cancer, my grandmother Donahue's favorite color of couch and chairs, pink and orange  - my choice of dorm room favorite colors, one of my best wearable colors and who could over-look the sweet pink of a babies lips, or the vibrant pink mixed in the sky at sunset or sunrise, the pink of a rose or cheeks blushing when the name of a new love is mentioned.  My run-on sentence could run on and on as I expound about one of my favorite colors pink.

Have a great simply saturday on sunday!  LOL 

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