Monday, March 12, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

                   Alice in Wonderland - Cassie

For those of us who loved make-believe as children, the realities of life can hit us hard as we enter in adult-hood.  Fortunately we have been given a wonderful gift - imagination.  Make-believe becomes a great outlet as we reach adulthood.  We look into ourselves and let our imagination loose -   creativity starts to flow, and works of art, poetry, dance, music, video, fashion, etc. emerge.   I love a series of pictures I took of my granddaughter, Cassie, two Easter's ago.  The shots reminded me of Alice in Wonderland as she ran to pick up candy left in the yard by her great-grandparents, Joe and Barb Dugone. Yes life has it's hard-ships, but along the way we have the joy of imagination and creativity.  
As a side note Alice Foster Trumblee - a noted Idaho artist and teacher - has a brilliant painting of Alice in Wonderland.  She has lovely copies available to buy.  I rent a house for vacation rentals and it is the favorite painting of all my renters.  Thank you Alice for sharing your creativity and imagination and creating a beautiful work of art that I and many others enjoy.

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