Thursday, March 29, 2012


i have the best dad in the world.  let me tell you the reasons why he should win the best dad award: my dad loved God, loved my mom, his children, his parents, his siblings, his extended family including all his in-laws and the family of God.  he worked hard, but never complained about hard work.  he instead taught me "that if you don't work, you don't eat".  this lesson was not done in a harsh manner, but was taught in a way so i ended up loving to work.  he always expected the best from me and encouraged me in my gifts.  he always told me i was beautiful even when braces, pimples and glasses dominated my face.  he taught me to love God, others and dream big God-given dreams.  my dad has believed in me even when i was faltering.  he and my mom faithfully took me to chemo-therapy and looked in on me when i was so sick i couldn't do anything but bury myself under mounds of blankets and try to survive.  
my dad was and continues to be an example of Abba Father, Daddy, Daddy.  
dad and mom in alaska for dad's 80th birthday
            thank you dad for being my dad - i love you!

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