Wednesday, March 7, 2012


 it's hard to define a good mom, but easy to define a great mom.  my mom, not to brag, defines great.  barb dugone not only has served me - her daughter - as a mentor, friend and confidant over the years, but has given a life-time of service to countless others through mentoring, offering friendship and being a confidant.  when i am asked why i have certain abilities, a great love for God, love for others, enjoy reading, listening to music, exploring, etc. i always answer "i had wonderful parents".  both joe and barb dugone loved me, parented me, believed in me, invested in me and sent me off believing God and i could do anything.  thank you mom for believing i could play the piano - she knows i was a horrible pianist - and accomplish anything God     called me to.  what a gift - my mom.

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  1. Beautiful story, Donna, and I am honored to have known her and been mentored by her. We love and miss all of your precious family!