Wednesday, May 9, 2012

mortality - turning 60

i, along with all humanity, wrestle with the idea of mortality. personally growing older has not been as hard on me as watching those around me grow older.  
i miss the joking, camaraderie and friendship that i shared with my grandparents.  i loved hearing the stories, learning new recipes, sitting around a table and having my grandfather share his latest joke. 
i miss mentors and friends who have passed from this life.  as a child, i had the privilege of going to linfield and nellie crowder's house with my friend cathy foster kratz.  we kids would all be playing "no bears are out tonight" and i would look inside the house and linfield would be standing with his ukelele playing and singing.  i miss his wisdom and quick wit.
i miss friends who passed from this life way too soon.  talented, fun friends who breathed joy into my life.
as i turn 60 i am looking ahead to a wonderful decade full of new challenges and adventures.  i also know that i will say "goodbye" to some that i love.  
the beauty of knowing the Creator is that someday i will rejoice when i see all those i have loved once again.

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