Thursday, May 3, 2012

R3 - Real Women, Real Life, Real Stories

beauty all around
may 5, 12 years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer.  i knew it was bad news when the dr. personally called me in less than 24 hours.  (has happened to me twice).  i got the call late afternoon and an hour later left to go perform an original show called R3 at a ladies retreat.  

R3 was a labor of love co-written by the most talented actress i have ever met, a dear friend, jennifer cumberbatch and myself.  the music was written by jennifer, her sister julie, myself, my brother r.j. and my son-in-law, j.t.  the sound-trac was a collaboration between r.j., j.t. and myself.  the choreography was dreamed up by melissa martin, a marvelously talented dancer, composer and singer.  the costuming and make-up was created and executed by my daughter, suzanne.  the cast included women whom i dearly love and will forever be grateful that they were with me through a trial of fire.
that night was a mix of emotions: fear, sadness and grief as well as thankfulness, hope and belief that my Creator was with me through any trial i might face.
that night marked the beginning of a journey - a journey that we all face - a life journey where there is sometimes fear, sadness and grief.  that night marked the beginning of a journey where i truly understood what it meant to hold on to my Savior, my family and friends.  thank you to all who saw me through that time 12 years ago.  i love all of you and am forever grateful that i have you and have a God who holds my hand through anything that life might throw at us.
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