Thursday, May 17, 2012

shredded and torn - Art Journal Tip #8

i have used many different journals on my art journaling journee', including kraft paper journals, loose water-color paper that i bind into a book, antique books, spiral note-books, board books (well you get the picture - many different journals).  my favorite, however, is the moleskine with the purple label.  it is already bound and the pages and cover can withstand tremendous punishment - which i tend to hand out.
one of my favorite techniques is to shred and tear each page of my journal.  some are shredded and torn more drastic than others as you can see from the above pictures.  the easiest way i have found is to cover both pages with gesso, smash them together and wait a minute.  peel the pages apart and voila you have a perfectly shredded page.
try it - if you like a shabby, worn look - you will love this technique.

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