Tuesday, July 10, 2012

what are the monsters that you face?

"good friday"

today take a moment to breathe, pause and reflect.  what is important to you?  are you content?  do the stresses of life bury you?  is there joy in the midst of sorrow?  is there faith in the times of hopelessness?  where do you find your answer?
"embrace growth"
 as a child i would dream of monsters hiding in the basement and feel a small moment of fear every time i opened the root cellar door. sometimes, even as adults, that's how we are.  we are fearful of the monsters hiding in the basement.
"u r not invisible"

the monsters are no longer imaginary - they are real.  how can i make ends meet?  are my children going to be okay?  how can i fight this disease that is eating me from the inside out.  some places in our country and around the world the monsters are about existence for that day:  will i have food to eat today?  where can i find clean water to drink?
"contentment - what's that?"

how do you deal with the monsters in your life?  how do you find peace?  peace = surrender to the Creator.

my prayer is that the peace that passes all understanding will fill your heart, mind and soul.  may the monsters in your life be put into fresh perspective as you surrender to the Hero who conquered death, life and the grave.
"need for solitude"

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