Tuesday, October 9, 2012

feeling beautiful?""

i was blessed to spend the day with granddaughter, cassie, yesterday.  anthropology, starbucks, barnes and noble, the apple store, lucky and lunch with val, jody and mom were part of our day together.
"feel beautiful"
 our conversation centered around books, art, school, fashion, favorite stores, God and breast cancer awareness - not necessarily in that order.
"love is a risk"

one of the great blessings of being a survivor is being able to share life with family, friends and other survivors.  

there are many joys as well as trials that we experience during our life's journey. If we take the time to share our experience with another, it can enrich their lives and help them walk through a similar trial. 

we need to daily strive to become a person who is able to share life experiences honestly and with love.  what you and i have learned through our life walk can help another through their darkest time.
"heart of God bleeds"

feel beautiful today.  celebrate your life by sharing your story with another person.  the benefits of sharing will change you for the better.
"how do you spell love?"
have a wonderful tuesday.
"eat cake"

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