Friday, January 4, 2013

are you a band-aid?

acts of kindness should be a daily activity in each of our lives. but beyond an act of kindness, we should all strive to be kind.  
"you stay in my heart"

there are days where my smile doesn't go past my face.  i feel frustration and have a hard time being kind - i know i am not the only person out there who has those days.  
"wisdom from two of my favorite philosophers"
there are some unlovely people in this world:  they gripe, hate, hurt, are self-indulgent, angry, depressed and are not kind.  

we all are some of the unlovely people in this world at some point in time. 

so remember a few small rules to help change your world for the better. 

  • be kind to those who are not kind  
  • smile at those who frown
  • uplift those who are down
  • love the unlovely
  • help the hurting
  • be calm while facing anger
  • be a band-aid to the hurting
change your world - - - be kind

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