Tuesday, January 8, 2013

do you hate heights?

i do not like heights.  as a tween, i remember going on the "garden wall" hike in glacier national park.  the first part of the hike, at that time, was a narrow trail.  on one side of the trail loomed a rugged mountain while the other side was flanked by a sheer precipice.
dizzying heights
my father, who is unafraid of heights walked the path with a quick step and a smile, while i was imagining myself at the bottom of the canyon. 

i still don't like heights.  They remind me of the unknown - what is behind the door - is it good or bad? 
walk through the new door with courage

although the first part of the hike was scary because of my fear of heights, (actually the 2nd part of the hike was also scary because of bear sightings)i realized as a tween that i shouldn't let fear stop me from having a great adventure. after all, life is to be lived.

the "garden wall" hike ended up being one of my favorite childhood memories.  it was a beautiful day, hiking in the splendor of glacier national park with my family.

step out, go beyond your comfort zone, and do something scary.  it might end up being one of your favorite memories.

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