Wednesday, January 16, 2013

is your life going by fast?

i have the most beautiful, intelligent, charming, talented granddaughter in the world.  of course, all of you with grandchildren, feel the same.  

my granddaughter, cassie, has made me a better person by sharing life with me.
"granddaughter and me - 7 years ago"

she is now a middle-school 12 year old. we still have chances to hang out and talk:  what book are you reading? how is school going? to what music are you listening? (classical scores again), what are your dreams?  how are you and God?  what are your swimming goals?  the list never stops.
"the swan"
we also spend time art-journaling and doing other art projects.  we light the candles, make our tea, put on some beethoven and art away the day.

these days have sped by with lightning speed.  i know the days ahead will go by even faster.  life runs ahead with or without you - you blink and you are 60 and your granddaughter is 12.  

purpose to live each day meaningfully - be less self-absorbed and invest in others.  make a difference in someone else's life.  

have a wonderful wednesday.

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