Tuesday, February 19, 2013

do you ever wish you could fly away?

i was blessed with two unique sets of grandparents.  both sets of grandparents shared their lives through retelling family stories, recipes, beauty secrets (ponds for grandma "hue" and estee' lauder for grandma dugone), how to develop a great sense of style, love of nature, tips to success, love of opera, making up silly stories, poetry, imagination, french, italian, the hill-country of texas, and other tidbits from their past and present. 
"mama and papa dugone"

i learned many valuable lessons from these four wonderful individuals.  the most important lesson i learned, however, was to face problems and trials with prayer, courage and optimism.  
"fly in the face of your fears"
"i wish i were a bird"
somedays i would like to be a bird and fly away.  i would like to turn my head and look away from a problem.  i would like to bury my head in the sand.  i would like to turn my back on the problem and walk away.  but, that is not what i learned about facing obstacles.  

i learned that life is full of problems and trials and if i face these times head-on, with the help of God, i will benefit and become a stronger, more courageous individual.

face life head-on.  you will be amazed at the good that will come out of even the worst situation.

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