Friday, June 7, 2013

joy comes in the morning

when i was going through the ordeal of breast cancer, surgeries and chemotherapy, there would be days that i felt i was buried in a hole so deep that i would never crawl out.  i had moments of darkness and despair.
"joy comes in the morning"

i just kept holding on to the verse "joy comes in the morning".  i knew - i hoped - i prayed - and i anticipated the day that joy would come again.  
in the midst of that time of despair, God sent a miracle granddaughter into my life. today i celebrate cassie's graduation from 7th grade.
"fields of gold"

if you are going through a time of despair, hold onto His promises. your day - your moment - your time of joy will come. God hears, He knows and He answers. 
"yellow daisies"

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