Tuesday, July 16, 2013

how's your daddy?

i'm one of the lucky ones - i have a great daddy. from the day i was born i was daddy's girl.  every day of my life i have had inner peace and unbreakable confidence knowing that no matter what i am going through or where i am, my daddy will support and watch out for me.
"bluebonnets and daddy"
life has had ups and downs - good and bad days - happy and sad days.  there have been times when i have felt overwhelmed with the circumstances of life and wondered if the darkness would swallow me.  

13 years ago i was walking through a dark time in my life. i was going through cancer treatment and other life problems and felt broken. 

in spite of everything i was experiencing, i knew that there was a strong hand i could hold onto.  i was surrounded, and continue to be surrounded, by parents, siblings, daughter, family members and friends who upheld and uphold me with encouraging words, prayer and love.

all of us, can at times face life events that can leave us broken.  everyone does not have a relationship, like i enjoy, with an earthly father who is always there for them.  however, we all have a Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally.  His unbreakable love holds us tightly and gives us courage in the face of any danger.  
"you go girl"

how's your relationship with your Daddy today?

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