Wednesday, August 14, 2013


the dictionary definition of "home" is a place where one lives.  i have, at times in my life, lived in a place that fulfilled the dictionary definition of "home", but didn't fulfill my definition.  i have friends that grew up in a "home" that was unsafe and full of anger, which also does not fulfill my definition.  

"home" should be somewhere you can go where you feel safe, rest, harmony, peace and love.  
heroes help you find your way "home"
the greatest Hero always helps us find our way "home"

i have, at times lost my way "home" and wondered if i would ever find "home" again.  i've been wandering around "wonderland" like alice, or "looking for the wizard" like dorothy.  don't get me wrong, i don't think "home" is perfect - - at least "home" on earth. But, i do know that at those times, when i have been lost, there were those who loved me, took time to reach out to me and in doing so, helped me find my way "home".
"tiny ballerina"
granddaughter who is a part of "home"

there is One who is our "true north". He loves us, will always take time to find us, reach out and rescue us, and in turn lead us "home".  

"sometimes you are delayed where you are because God know there's a storm where you're headed.  be grateful." spirituallythinking blogspot  
always has been "home"
in His time, we will be led back "home".

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