Wednesday, February 26, 2014

safe harbor

yesterday, i was teaching a piano/vocal lesson to one of my 8 year old students.  abby is a student that any teacher would enjoy -  talented, bright and eager to learn.  yesterday she asked if she could learn to sing the hymn, "amazing grace."  i wrote out the words to the first verse and had her start to sing. 

she and i both started smiling after she sang the word "wretch".  you see, she sang "wrench" instead of "wretch".  it was an easy mistake for an eight year old or anyone else to make who does not know the meaning of "wretch".
"safe harbor"
i explained the meaning of "wretch" and gave her a brief synapsis of the story behind the writing of the song "amazing grace". we then proceeded to sing through the song again.

many of us, as adults, know the the dictionary meaning of wretch and wretchedness - (as well as wrench :).  

what we fail to understand, comprehend and allow to permeate our hearts, minds and spirits is the true meaning of God's grace.  His grace covers all mistakes, regrets, sins and faux pas.  His grace covers us with love.  His grace is our "safe harbor" - our only hope to survive - our only cure to truly live.

meditate and be grateful for His "AMAZING GRACE".

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