Monday, May 19, 2014

from ashes

"from ashes"
ink drawing of the some of the new growth in yellowstone
in my life, i have visited many national parks.  but, out of all of the parks, my favorite park is Yellowstone.  i admit i have a built in prejudice because i was raised 70 miles from the park and have explored it many times.  but even if i didn't have a built in prejudice, the exotic beauty that makes up Yellowstone is enough to take your breath away.

in 1988, Yellowstone burned up in a massive forest fire, and for those of us who had known and visited  the park for years we wondered how the park would look as the recovery and new growth started to take place.  as it happens with all fires, whether in a national park or our lives, the recovery looks different than the old, but the outcome is just as beautiful.

beauty out of ashes - new life from burned over ground - that is God's promise to us.  
Isaiah 61:3

God can take everything  - good or bad - and use it for His purpose.

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