Thursday, June 26, 2014



today I was talking with my friend jeanie, who just got back from an incredible missions trip to Swaziland.  the following is one of the stories she related to me of her time in Swaziland.  

on the first day of the missions trip, she met a little girl who subsequently followed her everywhere. jeanie asked the adults who were present and lived on the compound where they were working to what family did this precious little girl belong.  jeanie was told that this little girl didn't belong to anyone.  she had no family.  the child had been abandoned and left on the property where my friend was working. jeanie then asked what the little girls' name was and was told that no one knew her name. she didn't have a name - everyone just called the little girl "sissy".  

jeanie and i both wept as she told me the story. 

what is the answer for a child who is abandoned and nameless?  

"the answer"

there is only one answer. "God so loved the world that He gave His only Son" - - who came for the lost, abandoned, nameless child.  He died so that a child with no name might have a new name given by God Himself.  He suffered humiliation, pain, abandonment and death so that she would no longer be an abandoned child without a family, but would instead be a child of the King.  
He loved and gave everything so that she might know and experience the greatest love. 

for all who have suffered - there is One who knows our pain and longs to show us His love. 

i can't be in Swaziland for "sissy" but He is there for her and He loves her with everlasting love. 


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