Thursday, July 17, 2014


"the city"
when i was six years old my family, consisting of two parents and two brothers and myself, moved to a place we had never been - idaho falls, idaho.  

my mom was born in austin, texas and always had a great love for anything austin.  my dad was born in the panhandle of texas, but after going to the university of texas fell in love with my mom and austin, in that order.   it was both of their dreams to live in austin after they married.  but in 1952 jobs for chemical engineers were scarce, and my parents found themselves moving back to my dad's hometown located in the panhandle of texas to work for phillips petroleum company.  

after a year, my dad received a call to interview in bartlesville, oklahoma with phillips.  he accepted the job and the three of us moved to oklahoma.  while in bartlesville, my parents served in a growing, thriving church they loved, had two more children, many friends, and thought they would live in oklahoma until God moved them back to their beloved austin. God's plans are not always our plans.

we had lived in bartlesville for five years when a new job opening in idaho falls, idaho came available.  the call to work in idaho seemed like an adventure and a good career choice,  so my dad accepted and our family set off to a city, a culture, a climate and a spiritual environment that was foreign to all of us.  my parents had thought that we would live in idaho five years and then move to austin, texas.  our journey in idaho lasted much longer and idaho falls became an integral part of our life and heart.

while living in idaho falls, many people moved in and out of the city.  i heard people complain about idaho falls, the culture, the climate and the spiritual environment, and many of their complaints were legitimate.  but i learned an important lesson living in idaho falls - be grateful, be content and ask God what His purpose is for where you live.  love your city and the people of your city.  as you become a grateful person and thankful for your journey, God will teach you new and exciting truths and enlarge His purpose in your life.

"the answer"

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