Monday, July 28, 2014

keep on

 there are some things in life that we face that seem insurmountable.  the circumstances can weigh you down and swamp you in the dead zone of the past.  paralyzed life races forward and you are stuck.  

one day, after a particularly nasty round of chemotherapy, i gave in to self-pity.  i looked outside and people were swimming and laughing - enjoying the texas summer.  i, on the other hand, felt like i was swimming in the endless vortex of fighting cancer.  life was swirling around me and i couldn't escape to rejoin the living.  the day of my self-pity faded into the night and i had that moment of God given clarity.  His voice gave me hope and faith and His words whispered peace and courage.   

"with or without cancer, i can't live in this place of self-pity.  i am alive and need to make each day count."  

there is always hope in your future.  keep dreaming, keep pursuing, keep loving, keep laughing, keep living with passion, keep believing, keep walking, keep running - keep on.
street art - 2014
street art - 2014

street art - 2014

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