Monday, August 11, 2014

what's your story?

we are all unique, beautifully formed individuals with a given purpose and destiny.  no one is a mistake - everyone is worthwhile.  all of our stories touch others and make an impact on those within our sphere of influence.

i, like everyone else inhabiting planet earth, sometimes lose my bearing while the cacophony of the world drowns out the voice that i most need to hear - - the voice of my Maker.  it's at those times i start questioning who and what i am. 

"shall the potter be considered as equal with the clay.  
that what is made would say to its maker.  'He did not make me.' 
or what is formed say to the one who formed it 
'He has no understanding.' "  
Isaiah 29:16
heart rock collected on walk
some of the things i love that make up who i am

i love long walks - my camera in hand - or a good friend with whom to converse
i love living in sweats, yoga pants and jeans (only occasionally dressing up)
i love no makeup days
i love ponytail and baseball hat days
i love the outdoors
i love nature
i love gardening
i love reading - life without 3 books going at the same time would be disheartening
i love cooking 
i love eating
i love coffee
i love ice cream
i love italian, tex-mex, indian and new american cuisine
i love painting
i love music
i love writing, composing, collaborating
shadow play
i love travel
i love staying home
i love adventure
i love a quiet day with nothing to do but curl up on the couch, drink coffee and read
i love the sound of thunder
i love the mountains
i love the ocean
i love the beauty of the lightning as it streaks across the sky
i love animals
i love falling rain and the smell that precedes the storm
i love refinishing furniture
i love my jobs
shadow play x2

i love dreaming new dreams
i love believing God for new beginnings
i love turning a year older - another year of life
i love my friends
i love my family
i love God
i love that i am unique and different than anyone else on the planet  
i love that my story is special  

i love that i don't have to look, act, or to be like anyone else to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves me and has a special purpose for me to live out everyday of my life.
never give up your dream

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