Monday, September 22, 2014

who's your mama?

i have a multi-talented mom.  through life, she and my dad have proven to be my most influential teachers.  their love for God, each other, their children and their friends have exemplified a rare example of "Agape love".

mom is an accomplished musician, teacher, writer, house-keeper, baker and chef.  i, as well as many others, have been the fortunate recipient of her knowledge as she has effectively taught and shared her gifts. 

acrylic and ink on canvas

i have tried to glean the benefits of all of my mom's teaching, but have fallen short in a few areas. one of my biggest failures is that i have never been able to conquer the art of making a good pie crust.  

a delicious pie is my favorite dessert (and i have a sweet tooth - - so i love many desserts).  i have followed my mom's recipes for pie crust, tried other recommended recipes and still my pies fail the "as good as my mom, grandmother dugone or great aunt augusta" test. those three woman are my "pie crust heroes" and stand in a legendary category all their own when it comes to making a great pie.

my mom and dad made "family dinner" last saturday and the menu was:  mushroom soup, cheesy potato soup, homemade rolls and three kinds of pie.  when i heard about the menu being served, i decided to try and overcome my fear of making pie crust and once again be tutored in the art of pie making.  

my mom showed me how to measure, mix and roll her incredible pie crust.  i did learn a couple of steps that could possibly change my pie crust failure into success - - we will see the next time i attempt to make a pie.  all i can say about the three pies that she and dad made is that, as always, they were all delicious and the crust melted in my mouth.

"roots of love"
art journaling
the moral of telling my pie story is; 

it doesn't matter how old i am - - i will never know it all 
everyday is a gift
each day offers a wonderful opportunity to learn something new  
i have fallen down, crashed and burned many times 
but the key is to not give into failure 
but to learn my lesson and fly
or as in this case make pie.

"lessons from the chef"

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