Tuesday, October 21, 2014


she was unstoppable - not because she eluded problems.  
she was unstoppable because she kept going in spite of problems.
"woman of color"
street art

the last few weeks, i have been part of a team who is working on editing our Believers women's book. the book, which is built around the idea "everyone has a story," will be finished in time for our women's retreat, "warrior bride".  the book contains funny and serious stories, letters, poems, song lyrics and art work.  

each story is as diverse as the life of each author.  
but the unifying thread, that flows through each story, is the redemptive power of Christ.  
b/w on vintage sheet music
i have had some serious conversations with many people in the last couple of weeks.  each person has verbalized the fact that sometimes life can be very hard and unfair.  there are seasons and happenings of life that all of us wish we could skip over, never have experienced and/or forget.  but, the one thing i do know, is that each of these experiences, whether good, bad, beautiful or ugly, come together to make up our special life journey.
"feeling blue"
art journaling

yes, problems come - life can turn on a dime, 
but we who know Christ are unstoppable, 
because He is our source of strength.

no matter what your story is, or includes,  
His grace is more than sufficient to redeem and restore.

all of our life stories are redeemable through Him.

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