Friday, December 5, 2014

freedom in the flame

in the last few weeks, i have started contemplating the implications of God's consuming fire and what it means to be consumed by His flame.  it is a study that will be going on for the next year.
ink and acrylic
the following are some of the lyrics to a new song addressing "freedom in the flame."  

buried past - burned to ash
flame lit again in a heart burned black
hidden away in a secret place
flame lit again in my soul

here i am send me - i will go
here i am send me - i will go
here i am send me
i'm touched by the fire - sealed with Your grace
purified - i find freedom in the flame

sealed by His stamp - made in His image
touched by the fire of His love
branded with His name - hidden away
freedom is found in the flame

donna dugone - ASCAP (c) 2014

Isaiah 6 -
have a wonderful Friday - find your freedom in the flame
ink and acrylic

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