Tuesday, December 30, 2014


"birds gotta' fly"
ink and acrylic on vintage sheet music
 the last couple of years, i have had some astronomical bills come my way.  there have been moments, during that time, that i was worried because i did not know how i was going to be able to remain financially solvent.  

today, as i was mailing a hefty property tax 
and paying several different insurances - - 
i was overwhelmed with God's provision.  
yes, i do work hard and  i take on jobs that i wouldn't normally take on, 
(i looked over the musical Oklahoma today for the first time, that i am playing starting next week, and realized it's 300+ pages of piano music and many times it is solo piano - Yikes!) 
i budget, and i practice generosity - 
but even with all my effort - 
financial solvency and the meeting of my daily needs is due to God and His provision.
"so beautiful"
acrylic on canvas
 Believers Church
Piano Students
Contract Work
Sale of Art
i made it through 2013
i made it through 2014

2015 is upon me
i need to work hard
and then rest in His promise that He will provide.

"easy like Sunday morning"
i serve a God who cares and daily supplies my needs - physical, spiritual and financial.

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