Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Gift Too Small

 Sometimes we question our ability to make an impact in another person's life.  Doubting ourselves, fear of failure and regret add up to never achieving God's destiny.  The first time I composed a song, worked in the studio, auditioned as a pianist, submitted art-work and an article for publication, etc., I was filled with anxiety.  What if "I am not selected" -  "I am not good enough" - "People don't like me" - Following your heart is hard.  It takes real courage and faith to step out of your comfort zone.
My niece, Elisha, and I - along with a group of children designed and created banners for orphanages in Haiti.  On each banner we wrote words of encouragement and love for those who have suffered.

It's not always the big things that make the most impact, but it's the little things we do that are from our heart.  In doing we are changed.  Make a Change and Be Changed.  Step out and use your gifting.  

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