Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hip to Like Old

fun at Anthropologie
i was hooked on "old" - "antique" items after my first flea market experience with grandma donahue.  i loved the smell, the feel, the colors of all things "old" - from the bottles to the funky old hats.  who knew that "old" would someday be the new hip.  the terms for "antique" are now "found", "vintage" or my word "old".  
mixing "old" and "new" - "eclectic" and "funky" has and will always be my favorite design style for my house, office and dress.  walking into a flea market is like walking into my favorite Starbucks (or any Starbucks for that matter - LOL). i take a deep breath and feel comforted.  comforted might not be the best description, but as weird as it sounds - it fits my love of a good flea market.  try it - you might fall in love (and be comforted) with the experience and pass that love of all things "old" to your grandchild.  
have a great rest of your tuesday.  
mmmm think i'll grab a Starbucks and plan my next trip to the flea market.

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