Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love and Family

J.T. Cox (son-in-law) and Cassie (granddaughter)

family - what a wonderful, crazy, dysfunctional, mixed-up, enduring, loving, best friends group of people. i look at my family not only as a blessing but as a wonderful God gift. each member has played an important role in shaping me, enriching my daily routine and adding a dimension to my life that no one else can add.  
yes, there are those days when family gets on your nerves, or a misunderstanding occurs, or there is a break in a relationship.  with each circumstance comes a decision to use this as an opportunity for me to grow and become a better person.  
i can truly say that i feel blessed and fortunate because i share life with a diverse and interesting group that i refer to as my family.  

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