Thursday, May 31, 2012

what's in a name?



these are pictures of the kitty that was named tito by my grand-nephew, ayden, when his mommy rescued him from a drain pipe. he was named red by my husband, mohsen, when we adopted him.  he now is known as pippin, named by my niece, laura. 
he was a scrawny, little guy abandoned and living in a drain pipe in leander, texas.  i falsely believed he would be the perfect outdoor huntsman to save me from mice, snakes, tarantulas and any other creature that might roam the hill country of texas.  alas, he was no hunter and more than that was terrified of being outdoors.  
pippin is a sweet, now indoor, 15 pound scaredy-cat - saved from a life of the wilds by my niece, laura.
from tito, to red, to pippin - i think he enjoys his new name and new life.
                         have a wonderful day!

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