Friday, June 15, 2012

what is your impossible dream?

somedays that is my impossible dream
i love it when i read a quote and it nails me, challenges me and makes me want to implement change.
have you achieved your life goals?
what is your impossible dream?  what is that thing that you long for, but because you think it is impossible you have hidden it away.  sometimes i think of those dreams as secret sorrows.  we are afraid to even speak of them.
"dream bigger dreams - believe" 

"see beauty through eyes of love"

i would say it is time to shed your fear and believe that the impossible dream is a possibility.  what's the worst thing that can happen?  the impossible stays impossible - that's impossible.
celebrate your day
"sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy"

decide - right now - that you are going to step through that door of fear and make your impossible dream a reality.

                       Have a wonderful day!!

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