Friday, June 15, 2012

what is your favorite childhood book?

a page built around a quote by louisa may alcott
published twice in two different publications - 2009
celebrating life everyday

growing up, i easily read "little woman" 15 times.  i dreamed i was either beautiful amy or strong and sassy jo.  

there are days when i once more want to immerse myself into that world and pretend i am amy or jo.  but, i don't live in a pretend world.  instead, i live in a real world full of joy, heartache, beauty, tragedy - well you know what i am talking about. 

the upside is i get to live life in a real world.  yes it has heartache, tragedy, death, but then it also has joy, beauty and life.

published 2009

published 2009
                        have a wonderful day!

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