Monday, July 2, 2012

do you feel invisible?"

we all at one time or another feel invisible - like our contribution to the world really doesn't matter.
"fragile yet strong"
healing sometimes takes place in stages

i'm here to say that all of our stories are important - everyone impacts someone in someway.  the thread of your impact is long and strong.
peace when you are surrounded by chaos
how can you have that kind of peace?

my mom and i are going to be teaching a class on the importance of your story taken from the perspective of stories of those who felt their life was a failure and yet their impact has been felt throughout the ages.
always an honor and unexpected pleasure to be published

we will be making an art journal and sharing life with those who are taking the class.  remember you are not invisible - you make a difference everyday of your life.
there are so many great art journaling artists
i feel honored to be a part of the group

you are not invisible - your destiny and dreams are important
 you also make an impact after you leave earth.  your legacy - your story is important.  live like this is your last day.
my favorite dream - flight

"wishing for a lazy day of rest"
 what is the story that you want to live and leave behind?

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