Tuesday, June 26, 2012

do you forget to breathe?

"dad and me hanging in bluebonnets"
art journaling on vintage songbook
i have learned from taking a bikram yoga class for the last year that i have never been a person who took time to breathe

i take the heated yoga class to help my joints that suffer from auto-immune disease.  i am stiff and find it hard to bend - "forget the camel" - but the hardest part of class for me is the deep breathing.  it hurts from the tip of my head to the tips of my toes.
"playing with a new style of drawing and journaling - elongated and outer-worldly"

learning to breathe and give myself a break in life is an important lesson that i am still trying to wrap my head around.
"making my weekly lists pretty"
a lot more fun than just making a list

each day is a new day - i breathe, reflect and am grateful.  take time to breathe - breathe - breathe - breathe and reflect.
"contemplating life and the importance of roots"
Extended Family

"trying to use the colors of india"
i have a ways to go, but love the adventure

"learning to breathe"

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