Thursday, July 5, 2012

how was your fourth?

"yucca in love"

ok - so call me old-fashioned - but i loved celebrating America yesterday.  sure there are problems with our country - we are not a perfect nation because we are an imperfect people.

i had a wonderful lunch at 3:00 with family.  my dad, who was flipping the burgers, is the son of two immigrants who came to America and were always thankful for the life that America afforded.  

i had the privilege of listening to the oohs and ahs of granddaughter and friend as they watched the fireworks.  i also loved hearing them singing the "star spangled banner" in their clear pre-teen voices.  
"lago vista celebrates"

take time to be thankful for what you experience every day - even though you might not live in the perfect country.  remember America is made up of people just like you - imperfect but wonderful and unique.
"happy birthday"

"happy fourth"

have a wonderful fifth.
"rosemary in bloom"

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