Friday, July 6, 2012

your past is not your future

every man, woman and child believe in something
we get stuck - listening to the same song sung over and over.  head games - they are crazy - they can drive you crazy.  

"why did you do this?"  "why did you make this decision?"  "does your life count?"  "do you really make a difference?"  

"ENOUGH" - enough of the negative head game that keeps you running in endless circles.
"running in circles"
you can't have peace if you continue running in circles

good or bad your past is not your future - the future holds  times of heartache and hard times as well as bright beautiful days, healing rain, warm sunshine and endless possibilities.
"a mother's love"
enough said

get our of your head 
step into His Love 
your past is not your future

"purple heart"
somedays our love is purple
what color is your love on this day?

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