Thursday, August 30, 2012

do you keep lists?

"everyday is a new day"
 for everyone who knows me, this statement will come as no surprise.  i am an unorganized, yet organized person.  i never miss an appt. and am on x, as well as being highly productive and disciplined. thanks to my iPhone, iPad and various other apple products, i have become a more organized individual.
"thoughts for the day"

over the years, i have been given beautiful date books.  i never could get into the habit of doing anything other than doodling in them - an early sign of a budding art journalist.  i have, however, found a wonderful way to keep memories, lists and semi-calendars - art journaling.  

my motto for the day; add fun to the mundane - it will help you be even more organized or at least bring a smile to your face. have a great thursday. 
"august - sept daily musings"

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