Tuesday, August 28, 2012

where is your home?

"for terry"

it is said that "home is where the heart is".  right now my home is in lago vista, texas or on nameless road in leander, texas.  my home is where my husband is and where my family and friends are.
"where is my home?"
last night at 11:20, a dear friend lost her long, hard-fought battle, with cancer. she hadn't talked much the last week, but a few days ago told her parents she wanted to go home.  her mom said, "but terry, you can't go home. we can't take care of you."  "no mom", she replied, "i'm ready to go home."  

         rest in peace - Terry - until we meet at home. 

the circle will be unbroken - in the sweet bye and bye.  the circle will be unbroken - when i'm safe in the sweet arms of God.
"home is where the heart is"

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