Thursday, August 16, 2012

do you stop and take time?

grew up on skyline drive - idaho falls, idaho

vacation is only over by a few weeks - it seems like it was over months ago.  that's how life is - it flies by so quickly.

i can remember the smell the fresh bread baking
idaho falls, idaho
even during the bustle of life and the return to everyday routine, i need to remember to take time to stop, breathe and be grateful for the little things that make my life so special.
fresh bread and huckleberry jam
Grateful moments:

enjoying the beauty of nature that surrounds me
talking with those i love, family and friends
even on hard physical days, being thankful for health and life
realizing who i am and am able to be because God, in the form of man, loved me and sacrificed His life

even in the busiest time of our life - - -we need to stop and take time to be grateful.

idaho falls, idaho

the flowers of idaho

idaho and iphone
stop and take time - have a wonderful thursday. . . . . . . . . . 

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