Saturday, August 25, 2012

how do you feel about life and death?

"who is my brother, who is my neighbor?"
this week my heart has been saddened by the suffering of a woman who is the daughter of some of my dear friends.  she has been fighting the cancer battle for many years and is now losing and only has a few days left on this earth.  
"how do you use your hands - for helping or hurting?"

i reflect a lot on this issue because of the battle i waged with cancer, because of those i have lost because of the disease and what i ultimately feel about life and death.
"where do you find your rest?"
i did a lot of art journaling while reflecting about these thoughts and also wrote a song that showed how i feel about life and death, despair and victory, sadness and joy, unrest and rest.
"despair to victory"
sweet little girl/my baby girl/gift from heaven gift from God
today i pray/for your pain/that He would take it all away
and hold you in His arms/and kiss you tenderly
and take you home to heaven/for eternity

i don't cry for you/but i weep for me
tears like a river flowing down/until i am free
i don't cry for you/but i weep for me
safe in the sweet arms of God/i will be free

sweet little girl/my baby girl/today i say goodbye
i know that i'll see you/but it hurts so much
to let you go for awhile
until we meet again/and He loves us tenderly
and takes us home to Heaven for eternity

yes the circle will be unbroken/in the sweet bye and bye
yes the circle will be unbroken
when i'm safe in the sweet 
arms of God

i love you jim, leila and terry and am praying for you

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