Friday, September 7, 2012

do you take time to show love to your neighbor?

no matter what your political persuasion, your gender, your ethnic background, your taste in music, your favorite food - (need i go on??) - we can always find differences. the fact is that we as human beings have commonalities.  one is that we all breathe the same air - another is that we live on the same planet.
"praying for our city"

"who is my brother?"
take time to show love to your neighbor and your brother.  take time to pray for your city, your nation, your planet.

"His peace"
walk in His peace and have a fantastic friday.


  1. You know Donna there are a lot of art journalers out there...I think your's are some of my very favorites. Full of color yes, but deep well!

  2. thank you - i appreciate the encouragement.