Monday, September 10, 2012

do you have a significant number?

48 is a significant number for me because i was 48 when i was diagnosed with breast cancer.  the word "cancer" strikes momentary fear within all of us.  it signifies a terrible disease, an exhausting fight, the unknown, sometimes early death, as well as a number of "what ifs".
"significant number"

"wearing a mask can be so exhausting"

my fight with cancer was difficult.  it was 12 years ago but has significantly changed my body.  i still struggle with the "what ifs" and consequences of the disease.

hard - "yes"  
positive lessons learned - "yes"  
empathy increased - "yes"
regret - "no"
"new journal background"
we all face hard trials in life.  let us strive to meet the trials head-on, fighting until our time is up.

face your trial with courage and have a victorious monday.

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