Friday, October 12, 2012

do you make a grateful list?

today my dear friend, marci, turns 60.  she also is experiencing her first birthday as a grandmother.  as a seasoned "living 60" nonnie, i can truly say aging has had it's ups and downs.
"sail my ship" - louisa may alcott
"mugging with granddaughter"

sometimes i look in the mirror and am shocked and surprised that i don't look like my 17 year old picture - after all, i still feel young inside.

who is this woman with wrinkles, gray hair, (currently blonde - a big shout out to fonda)sags and bags, aches and pains, scars, etc.??  i could have stopped at wrinkles and you would have gotten the picture.

i am, and still remain me. a woman who has lived a full, beautiful, satisfying life.  i am not perfect, nor have i lived a perfect life, but i am grateful for life.  

i am grateful to have hair and eyebrows and eyelashes.  
i am grateful that i am able to enjoy friendships and love.  
i am grateful that i have a Creator who loves me. 
i am grateful for life.
i am grateful for morning coffee.
i am grateful for my puppy.
i am grateful for rain.
i am grateful for yummy pumpkin scones.

you get the message - be grateful.
"fighting fear"
sometimes i need to stop and make a grateful list.  it changes my mind, heart, soul and breathes new inspiration on living life.
close-up of louisa may alcott piece
make a grateful list
have an inspired friday

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