Tuesday, October 23, 2012

do you feel beautiful?"

i created a concept and a logo for a ladies retreat - the title of the retreat is "so beautiful". 

there are many aspects of beauty, so i decided to come up with a concept that represented all woman and highlight their struggles to accept who they are.

"so beautiful" 
 there is not one woman who at some point in her life has felt less than beautiful, and yet, we are all unique and lovely in our own way.
"tote in dark blue"
hand-painted bag for each woman attending
don't compare yourself to others, but instead realize your strengths and beauty.  make a list of what makes you unique.

*i am a survivor
*i am a caring person
*i love my family
*i love my friends
*i love God
*i try to make a difference in other's lives
*my nose isn't perfect, but it is unique
*my lips are too narrow, but they fit my face

turn the negatives into positives.
"so beautiful"
make your list of your unique beauty and celebrate your tuesday

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