Monday, October 1, 2012

when do you rest?

 do you ever take time to rest?  i have been forced to rest the last few days because of a nasty bout with a stomach virus.  once the worst was past, all i have been able to do is lay on the sofa and sip tea.

granddaughter holding "hope of the nations"
i don't like enforced rest - especially enforced rest because i am sick, but i know rest is necessary and has a purpose.  today, since i am feeling better but still need to rest, i have had time to meditate, pray, reboot and be thankful.
"city of dreams"
even during times of enforced rest - find something for which to be thankful.

have a great monday

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  1. I took today off to do that very Be with and hear from God and then hang with Micah before he starts school tomorrow. It was good. When I read "reboot" in your entry, I thought it said "robot". Pictured you doing the robot to some funky music to rest and relax. Heal up.