Monday, November 19, 2012

what are things you love?

i have been thinking about inspiration lately.  what are things that you love that in turn inspire you.
pomegranate seeds
(especially if someone else seeds the pomegranate -  LOL)

make a list of the things - not people - you love.  the smell of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee is one of the things i enjoy.  yes, i along with all of you, am a foodie.
farm fresh eggs

i love the beauty of the seasons - posting some winter pictures


i love girlie things - and no they do not need to make sense or have purpose.  they are what they are - girlie items.
shiny things
no i am not a dragon (for you who read about dragons)

more shiny things

i love fresh snow - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have snow with temps of 60 - just saying it would be fun.
footprints in the fresh snowfall in austin, texas

icicles on the lake

i love fresh herbs - the smell, the taste, the creativity they spark in my cooking.
fresh rosemary
get inspired for thanksgiving as you think about all you love and all you have to be thankful for - now you can include people and first and foremost your Creator.  

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