Sunday, November 18, 2012

do you open your eyes?

color, lack of color, nature, a "found shop", beauty, people in love, people laughing, people crying - all of these have a commonality - they catch my eye and affect my emotions.  in one way or another i am moved and inspired to capture that moment through art, music or photography.
"hearts on fire"

inspiration daily surrounds us.  all we need to do is drop the complacency and drudgery that weighs us down and create.
"melting hearts"

i have found that sometimes i need to shake myself out of the self-imposed rut and once again be moved toward producing and creating.  what is the answer to being moved and inspired to a point that i will sit down and do the work?

my motto - just start!  we all can make excuses why we can't do something or why something won't work, and that is exactly what ambushes us and halts all of our good intentions.  

no excuses - just start.
"bleeding heart"

new inspiration is waiting for you around the corner.  open your eyes to see everything that surrounds you and then use the new inspiration to produce and create.

have a happy, inspired doing-kind of day.
"the rose and the cross"

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