Saturday, November 17, 2012

how do you journal?"

journal pages are as individual as each person who is writing/art journaling. each page chronicles a time, a place, a new idea, etc. - in other words our life. 
"so beautiful - red"

unless i am working on a commissioned art piece, i never know what direction the page is going. i just know i need to sit down and start to paint/write. 
"so beautiful lyric"

"so beautiful - red"
this is the background i worked on earlier today.  at some point, i will look at the colors and design and start working on the art.
"starting a journal page"

this is another journal page i started working on.  it was going to be a tree (at this moment, i am obsessed with drawing quirky trees), but after looking at the page decided it was the back of a woman - her hair and neck.  as i work on the development of the page - who knows what it will be.  the key is just start. 

journaling chronicles your journee' through this maze we call life.  somedays it makes sense and somedays it makes no sense, but it is still our life and our journee'.

have a wonderful journaling day.
"a new journal page"

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