Thursday, May 23, 2013

do you need restoration?

this week, i had a friend ask the question, "will i ever get a break from the relentless problems that i am facing in my life?"  

when life comes at you hard, relentless and unforgiving a sense of hopelessness can weigh you down. 

the battle we are fighting each and every day saps our energy and fogs the memory of who we are and the destiny to which we have been called.
"He weeps"
even on the darkest day of our life we have an Advocate who weeps on our behalf.  

"God so Loved" - that is the truth we need to tightly hold onto even when we can't see His light because we are blinded by our hurt.  

take courage, hold on and remember - His love is relentless and restorative.  you are called - you are destined for His glory - through His love, you will be restored.

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