Wednesday, May 29, 2013

in - ex - hale

from the beginning of our lifes' journey to the end, it's the memories that we weave everyday that make up the tapestry of our entire existence.  some areas of the tapestry are rich with color and intricate patterns. other areas are threadbare and devoid of color - - such is life.

there are days that are full and rich with the colors of joy and happiness.
there are also days that are shadowy hues of gray and black as a cloud of sadness envelopes us.
"in - ex - hale"

inhale - - exhale - - breathe in - - sweet breath of life. 
be grateful for all the days you are allowed to breathe and exist
"eyes reflection"
keep on dancin' even tho' your feet are stuck in the mire of sadness. . .
keep on lifting those hands even when the heaviness of sorrow weighs them down. . .
let your tears be the water that nourishes and grows your dreams. 

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